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The origins of Ethereum

'Das Raumschiff, Zug'

Limited edition art print

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the story of a house

In 2014 a ragtag team of Ethereum enthusiasts moved into an odd looking house on the outskirts of a lakeside town called Zug in Switzerland. There they would lay the foundation of what we now know to be Ethereum. This house would become the official seat of the company, Ethereum Switzerland GmbH (EthSuisse), and the Ethereum Foundation. Because of its strange shape house would get the nickname ‘Spaceship’ or in German ‘Das Raumschiff’ Today the house is no longer used by the Ethereum team.


the print

The artwork is Giclée printed on Hahnemühle German Etching paper. It iss a heavyweight paper (310gsm) with a slightly warm base tone and a strong mottled texture. It creates a museum quality print with strong colours and deep blacks that feel rich and high in contrast. This is due to the texture of the paper enabling it to hold more ink and capture the light.
The is a limited edition art print. Order now

the artist

Sander Patelski is known for his drawings of modernist architecture. Studying the original designs and history of a building, he sketches for us, delicately and seemingly with ease and nonchalance, but with an utmost sense of detail, an image of time, beauty and adventure. He has produced an extensive body of work, all of which all for sale as limited edition art prints.