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Pierre Jeanneret, The Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University, 1956

Pierre Jeanneret, The Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab University, 1956

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The Gandhi Bhawan at Panjab University, designed by Pierre Jeanneret in 1956, is a remarkable example of modernist architecture in India. This building is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and is known for its distinctive design that harmoniously blends modern architectural principles with local cultural influences.

One of the most striking features of the Gandhi Bhawan is its lotus-like form, reflecting a blend of modern design with symbolic elements significant in Indian culture. The building appears to float on a body of water, further emphasizing its lotus shape and creating a serene, contemplative environment. Jeanneret employed a combination of traditional and modern materials, including concrete and local stones, to achieve both aesthetic appeal and functional durability.

The interior of Gandhi Bhawan is as thoughtfully designed as its exterior, with spaces that facilitate reflection and learning. Natural light plays a crucial role in the building's ambiance, filtered through carefully placed openings and creating a play of light and shadow that adds to the building's tranquil atmosphere.

Pierre Jeanneret's work on the Gandhi Bhawan is not only a testament to his architectural skill but also reflects his sensitivity to the cultural and climatic context of the region. The building remains a significant part of Panjab University's campus, serving as a center for educational and cultural activities, as well as a symbol of the university's commitment to integrating modernity with tradition.



Printed on 310gsm Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching

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